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Welcome to the "Fun Researcher.com Update Page". I have decided to leave the work world because it just wasn't fun anymore. I am currently traveling and trying to find some fun content to post here for you. It all started with a 2800 km bike ride from Canada to Los Angeles, CA. Please check back for updates.

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Previous Updates Here - Biking From Summerland to Los Angeles - Episodes 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30

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Episode 11 - Portland, Oregon Hanging with Mag
I was hanging out with my friend Mag. I saw an inspirational street corner and cooled of in some incredible fountains.

Episode 12 Portland, Oregon - Concert in the Park, Uli and Trish
Portland - Concert, Saturday Market and Trish

Episode 13 - Leaving Portland - Heading South from Portland
Saying Goodbye to Portland and Mag and Hello Headwinds

Episode 14 - Headwinds, Rain and my Cool Little Camera
Review of the Pentax w90 - while I am stuck in my hotel room avoiding the weather

Episode 15 - Wind and Zen
Traveled 95 miles to get to the Beaver Open....

Episode 16 - The Beaver Open
The Beaver Open, just outside Eugene Oregon. One of the coolest events I have ever been to.

Episode 17 - Inspired by Everyone
Funny how a tiny little talent show can have so much influence on how to inspire and support other people.

Episode 18 - Coffee Shops
Riding south out of Eugene and not a lot of fun going on...mostly interstate and exhaustion but I did have some interesting conversations at a coffee shop.

Episode 19 - Muchos Dangerous
The most physically challenging section of the ride so far. I made it past the mountains and into the redwoods.

Episode 20 - North country Fair, Arcata, CA
I checked out the North Country Fair in Arcata, California. There was dancing, horns and hippies.

Summerland, BC TO Los Angeles by Bicycle
Episodes 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30