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Welcome to the "Fun Researcher.com Update Page". I have decided to leave the work world because it just wasn't fun anymore. I am currently traveling and trying to find some fun content to post here for you. It all started with a 2800 km bike ride from Canada to Los Angeles, CA. Please check back for updates.

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October 9th Santa Clarita to Carrot Cake

I made it! The final day of bike riding.

October 8th Goleta, CA to Santa Clarita

The second last day of the ride
October 8th - 80.7 Miles/129.12km
Money found - $5.26 a new Record!!
Number of times walking in the middle of the street completely confused - 1
Days left to Ride - 1

October 2nd to 7th King City to Goleta, CA

Herding Cows and Fighting Headwinds
October 2nd - 53.0m/84.7k - $.41
October 3rd - 54.4m/87.0k - $.19
October 4th - 0 - Edit Video
October 5th 57.5m/92.0k - $.11
October 6th - 0 - Edit Video
October 7th -51.8/82.9k - $.45 and a laundry token!

Number of days with headwinds - All
Number of times I almost quit - 2

October 1st King City

This episode is “Other People’s” Fun. It includes guns and beer
October 1st
Stayed at the Keefer's Inn
Number of Times that I was stunned at my hotel neighbors - 4
Number of birds that were killed - Dozens

September 30th Gonzales to King City

I was tricked again - not by a person but an entire industry.
September 30th - 44.4 M/ 70km
Money found - $.08

Number of Times that I was revolted at the way they grow food with pesticides -5

September 27-29th San Francisco to Gonzales

I was tricked and I am not really sure why... but its a good reenactment though.

28th Bart/Train/Bus and
Bike (5.1m/8.16) ($.14)
29th - Rest Day ($.00)
30th - 57.5m/92k ($.43)

Number of times that I was faked
out with a "Stay at My Place Offer" - 1

Total Number of Broken Spokes on Trip 10

September 26th San Francisco

Geez sorry about the delay in the videos - Been having a tough time on the road and at the end of the day I can barely decide if I am alive or dead - never mind make a video ... Here is San Francisco - The naughty city

26th - 13.4m/21.4 km ($.19)

Number of times that I was completely overwhelmed with people and the traffic and chaos - 19

Number of People that love Steve - Dozens and Dozens

September 23rd - 25th , 2010 Laytonville, CA to Novato, CA

Almost made it to San Francisco - New Friends and some cool pictures.
23rd - 76m/121.6 km ($.61)
24th - 57.3m/91.7km ($.12)
25th - 0 m/0km ($.00)

Number of times that I was blown away with Theresa and Carol's kindness - 6.7
Number of times that I said a swear word on a live radio show (104.9FM Vancouver)because I was too tired to speak - 1

September 20th - 22nd , 2010 Arcata, CA to Laytonville, CA

Riding through the Avenue of the Giants in Northern, California

September 19th , 2010 The North Country Fair in Arcata, CA

Still at the North Country Fair in Arcata.... I found this interesting group of people that have a unique way to teach people about the effects of coal use...check it out.

September 20th - 40.2m/64.32km - $.00
September 21st - 41.3m/66.08km - $.18
September 22nd - 49.5m/79.2km - $.02

Number of years since I have run naked in a forest? 13