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Welcome to the "Fun Researcher.com Update Page". I have decided to leave the work world because it just wasn't fun anymore. I am currently traveling and trying to find some fun content to post here for you. It all started with a 2800 km bike ride from Canada to Los Angeles, CA. Please check back for updates.

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Update September 18th, 2011

Sorry about the delay in the update. I love big bike trips because I always have a chance to question what I am doing and where I am going in life. What did I realize this time? THat I no longer enjoy pursuing fun at a superficial level. I feel fun has taught me what I need to know and now its time for a new game in life. That game is having fun while trying to figure out how to be spiritual. Call it spiritual fun for now. I am writing a new book called Smart Ass Buddha - Maximum happiness with minimal effort. Basically it is a book on how to be inspired and how to inspire others. I will be putting up a website for Smart Ass Buddha and there will be information up there shortly. Thanks for everybody who has followed me or cheered for me or mocked me. Have a great day and more updates will be here in the fall.

Update April 3rd, 2011

I had to scoot back to Canada to renew my passport, organize some health care issues and regroup for the next phase of this adventure. I will be posting some photos shortly. Thanks for being a fan and checking in

Update February 28th, 2011

I have been inspired to do some writing for a new book and some web content. I would love to post some more updates here but I just haven't had anything worth posting for you. So instead of boring you or making you angry I will wait until I have something to make you smile.

Update January 23, 2011

Hey everybody, I am just hanging out in Tucson collecting my thoughts, I needed some down time from the last few months. I just had to catch up on some paperwork which is a bit of a challenge on the road. My spending plan was right on target so far and I just have to make sure I stay on track. I have been busy reorganizing and budgeting so that I can continue this adventure indefinitiely.

Tucson is a nice place to be this time of year. I played some roller hockey outside by the palm trees which was a first for me. While playing, I fell down, went boom and smashed my face - nothing serious, but face was throbbing enough to distract me from the real pain. That, was a bruised rib. After a week of disturbed sleep and limited mobility... I went over to my friend Alex's house and managed to re-injure my rib. How you ask? Hysterical laughter...Aleck is a very funny guy.
Now that I am injured "on the job" so to speak, I wonder if I can apply for workers compensation?

So just a quick note to update you.

I will post the next episode February 1st. Until next time... have fun.

Episode 41 - Cancun, Mexico - Boat Ride

Boat Ride, cruising in Golf Carts and getting thrashed in the waves.

Episode 40 - Cancun, Mexico - Edventures Adventure Tour

A day of adventure with "Edventures" - underground rivers, Ted the turtle and more.

Episode 39 - Cancun, Mexico - Plane Ride

I decided to mix things up and go for a plane ride. Cancun seemed like a good spot to go - why? Because it is warmer than LA.

Episode 38 -Tucson, Arizona - Igor and the Red Elvises

Igor and the Red Elvises play at the hut in Tucson, Arizona. If you have never seen the Red Elvises then you are really missing out - put "See a Red Elvis Show" on your bucket list...

Episode 37 -Tucson, Arizona - The Sonoran Desert

Steve from Vancouver comes to LA for a road trip to Tucson, Arizona

Episode 36 - Los Angeles - The LA Mish Mash

Here it is Episode 36 - A month of little Tidbits - Including Tibetan Monks - Night Hiking and Dinner in a Movie Thanks for your patience.

Episode 35 - San Diego - Train Trip

Sorry about the delay.... I take the train to Oceanside and San Diego

Episode 34 - Los Angeles - Disneyland

To celebrate my 45th Birthday I went to Disneyland with some friends

Episode 33 - Los Angeles - Mag And Chris Visit From Portland

My good friend MAg came down from Portland with his friend Chris so we could have some fun together....Enjoy!

Episode 32 - Los Angeles - Cool Chair

My friend Sal is a custom fabricator for the Movie Industry. While visiting I watched him make a project form start to finish. I think you will really enjoy it.

Episode 31 - Los Angeles and the “Tour de Fat”

This is a great event. An enviromental/bike riding/entertainment filled party. I think you will really like the Tour de Fat

Previous Updates Here - Biking From Summerland to Los Angeles - Episodes 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30