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Welcome to the Prank Tips section of April Fools Pranks and Great Prank Ideas. Whether you are looking for an April Fool Joke or you just want to prank your friend - here you will find the secrets of Master Pranksters from all over the world. There is a many suggestions here on how to execute a successful April Fools Prank or Practical Joke.

The Great April Fools Prank and Practical Joke List

Who is the best person to target for a practical joke?

*You know the target

*The target can take a joke

*They are slightly gullible

*They have the ability to jump to conclusions

*You have a considerable level of trust with them

They have ridiculous phobias or personal habits

Target is mentally stable

What to Avoid when Pulling a Prank

Picking people at random for prank phone calls or messing with their vehicle is just a mean spirited form of self entertainment. People who do these kinds of pranks are likely to be blessed with a huge amount of bad karma.

If you involve the police, fire or ambulances services you could get criminal charges. Why waste the time of people that really do a good thing for society? What if they were following up a prank instead of a real emergency situation? Just because you think it is a joke to start with, it doesn’t mean that it will be a valid excuse in a court of law.

Getting companies like pizza delivery, termite removal or any other business involved, borders on fraud and may get you a criminal charge as well. If you owned a pizza parlor and delivered ten pizzas to a non existent address-I don’t think you would be too pleased about it. But, at the same time-if they are harassing you with telemarketing or any other kind of marketing harassment they are wide open to receiving a prank.

Planning a Great Practical Joke

If you really want to make a good execution of your prank you need to plan carefully. Have a strategy so that all worst case scenarios are accounted for. What if they react this way? What if they react that way? What is the worst thing that could happen? Remember safety first. If there is a potential of major problems- pick a different prank.

You will need some patience. The more thought, effort and patience that is put into a prank the better your results will be. Simple pranks may not need any planning at all, but the more challenging ones need a game plan.

For example you want to practice denying the knowledge of the situation. Every time I execute a prank I have a well planned out response to being caught. The best thing to do is play dumb. Imagine them catching you and what would you say? Try saying things like, “What are you talking about?” Or, “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”

Reinforcements for Practical Jokes

If you are using a story to establish your prank you may have some difficulty getting people to believe you. Unless you are the greatest liar on the planet I suggest you get some people to help you out.

I find that the most powerful way to convince people of an outrageous concept is to throw the concept out there and then speak of it in a skeptical manner.

When working at a television station in Vancouver we told the audience that there were unconfirmed reports of sharks swimming in the local bay. I kept repeating that I didn’t believe it myself. It was the use of the local aquarium spokesperson and a police spokesperson that really brought it home. The reason this prank worked so well is that we kept down playing it and that made it look like we were actually trying to hide something.

Tips for Spoken Word Story Pranks

*Downplay the scope of the situation, don't try too hard to convince people.

*Use others to back up your claims

*Take the side of the target and say I don’t believe it either.

*Get co conspirators to use back up statements like, “I saw that on the TV last night” or “I heard about that”, but always undersell. If you are too enthusiastic you will be busted in a second.

*Using people of authority in your pranks tend to make your victims believe a lot quicker. Using a system of phone calls to somebody at work to get them to believe that the event is real.

Reinforcing A Prank or Practical Joke

Let’s say you get a bunch of your coworkers to tell the target they smell, they smell odd, like computer cleaner. After the third or fourth person tells them, they will begin to believe it. Whenever you can cause confusion or doubt; and have a whole bunch of other pranksters that reinforce that doubt, you will have much better results.

Anonymity when Pulling a Prank

The best pranks are pulled off by people who don’t get caught for them. If you get a reputation of being a pranker then everyone will want to get you. They will scheme late at night and most of the next day trying to figure out their revenge. Try to make it look the prank was played on you too

*Assign pranking duties to other people so that you can avoid getting blamed. Then when the victim wants revenge help them out.

*If you are a chronic prankster, never brag about your pranks.

*Try to make people suspicious of everyone. Announce possible suspects and as soon as you can, give yourself an alibi.

*Whenever you can, avoid having the prank being traced back to you.

*Whenver you pull a prank leave a fake ha ha I got you note with someone else’s name as the target.

When Somebody Gets You on a Practical Joke

You have to let your ego go and when you get pranked you need to suck it up and laugh at what is happening. If you can’t take it,you will lose all credibility with your friends, family or co workers. If you are big enough to prank you better be big enough to be pranked. If they do something really mean to you need to walk away and let it go. If you think you can outsmart them then good luck.

Make Your Own Pranks and Practical Joke

Take these pranks and combine them to make new new super duper pranks. These are only suggestions. Tweak them as you see fit. It is always more impressive when you customize your pranks and make them your own.

Document Your Pranking

Get some pictures, take some notes, and keep a good record of your pranks. That way you can enjoy them over and over again.

The important thing to remember with pranking at work is that you should always look at the worst case scenario of the prank you are attempting. If you or anybody else loses their job-it won't be so funny.

Making false accusations as a prank is in really poor taste and lacks any kind of creativity or spirit of fun. Work pranks should be planned around entertainment and not revenge. Revenge may eventually cost you your job.

Use these pranks on April Fools’ or any other day of the year you are inspired to be a little naughty. The secret to a great April Fools’ Prank is to look innocent and try to have an alibi. Never pull an April Fools Prank that you couldn't handle if it was played on you

Thanks so much for making the world a prankier place to live. If you know of a prank and confusion of the target you need to write to us immediately.

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