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Welcome to the Fun Researcher section of April Fools Pranks and Great Prank Ideas. Whether you are looking for an April Fool Joke or you just want to prank your friend - here you will find the secrets of Master Pranksters from all over the world. There is a great list of more than 100 ways to get revenge and some practical information on how to execute a successful April Fools Prank or Practical Joke.

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Great Prank Tips for April Fools Jokes

The World Book Dictionary defines a prank as a piece of mischief or a playful trick. Some people lump hazing, revenge and pra nking all into the same category. But hazing has resulted in death numerous times. I fail to see the humor in a dead body. If there is any kind of severe emotional or physical abuse it is not fun.

Locking someone in the trunk of your car to teach them not to be claustrophobic is not funny. Putting a rainbow sticker on the bumper of a homophobe’s car, now that’s funny. Pranks should be fun for most, if not all, parties involved. The real acid test is, would you be able to have that particular prank played on you.

What are the traits of a Great Prank?

Its Funny

The victim laughs, or at least grins when they discover they have been pranked.

No Loss from Your Prank

Nobody loses their job, lover or friend and nobody is arrested in the process. In England a couple of years back the best men at a wedding managed to get the groom slobbering drunk and put him on the train to France with no money so that he missed his own wedding. Nice friends.

No Property Damage

No Property is damaged in the process. Putting dead fish in the walls or in the back seat of a car is just vandalism. Unplugging all the wires under the hood…mmm about as creative as a tree stump.

Don’t Overdo it

If you pull pranks all the time you will start to lose your integrity. Plus it removes the element of surprise.

Confuse Them

The best pranks involve an element of confusion, or preys upon people’s ability to jump to conclusions. It is also fun to prey on peoples ignorance or poor attitudes.

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