Spooky Halloween Pranks

Welcome to the Halloween Pranks section of April Fools Pranks and Great Prank Ideas. Whether you are looking for an Spooky Halloween Prank or you just want to prank your friend - here you will find the secrets of Master Pranksters from all over the world.

We have had many a laugh building this list. Have fun!

The Great April Fools Prank and Practical Joke List

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Scare Somebody

This is the easiest most reliable of the Top 10 Halloween Prank out there. You don't have to have a costume but it always help to magnify the scare factor. Where can you use this? At home hide in closets or behind doors, at school hide behind doors, in a locker or in a garbage can, at work? Behind doors in garbage cans - wherever you can hide. The back seat of a car is a great spot to play a Spooky Halloween Prank.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Caramel Onions

Just make caramel Onions instead of caramel apples.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Pumpkin Reorientation

Smashing pumpkins just makes a mess and creates enemies....but changing everyone's pumpkins around from house to house is a great prank. Or take all the pumpkins on the street and put them in the yard of one house.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - The Stalker

Stalk someone from a good distance while dressed up in a Freddy Kreuger or Zombie outfit. Bonus points for getting a second costume exactly the same and get a fellow prankster to help you out. When following someone from behind - make sure they see you and then disappear from site - then get your partner in crime to show up in front of them.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Glow Stick on a Fishing Line

Put a glow stick on a fishing line and then pull it away when people try to pick it up. Or anything else will work - like money or candy

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Spider or Snake in the Cupboard

Take a big rubber spider or snake and tie it to a piece of fishing line. Put the scary item in a cupboard/behind a door/ on a car seat and then rig up the other end of the fishing line to the cupboard. Once you get it right you should be able to open the door and the scary item pops out in the direction of whoever is opening the door. You can also set up a bunch of fishing line so that you can make things move from across the room.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Reverse Surprise Party

Get a group of people to come over for Halloween night. They can either hide in the yard or in the house. When a kid comes up (or in the house) have everybody jump out and yell surprise.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Power Outage

There should be a master power switch on your power box. Have a Halloween party and then kick the power off. Get some accomplices to do disturbing things - make strange noises outside - dress in black and scratch on the windows, use glow sticks or balls and have them fly across the yard....

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Order a Pizza

Order a pizza and when they show up - compliment them on how real their costume is. When they hand you the pizza - tell them that they are making it really authentic say thank you and close the door. Then after the pizza guy starts banging on the door again - give them the money for the pizza.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Christmas Caroling

Get a group of people to go Christmas Caroling and see how people respond. When they tell you its not Christmas - get into a verbal sparring match with your group, "See I told you we were early" then wrestle it out on their front lawn.

More Top 10 Halloween Pranks

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Ridiculous Generosity

Take one or two kids and load them up with a ridiculous amount of candy.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Move Something Big

The bigger it is the more people you will need. Moving a few feet or a few inches will have better prank effect. Move patio furniture, a car? a shed? Your choice.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Toilet Paper

Well this one is obvious but we had to list anyway. TP'ing someone's house remains one of the most popular Halloween Tricks. The better quality the toilet paper - the longer it takes to break down.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Disappear in the Leaves

Build a trench in your yard...get in it and fill it with leaves. When somebody walks by - get up and scare the bajeezus out of them.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Hang em High

Anything that you can hang in a tree that shouldn't be there is a good one. Be careful - best to have someone with rope experience to help you. But bikes, lawnmowers - whatever you think.

Spooky Halloween Pranks - Multiple Items on the Lawn

Well it could be plastic forks or pink flamingoes. Whatever item you use - try to get hundreds of them. 500 plastic forks is a good number to think about.

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