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Welcome to the Office Pranks section of April Fools Pranks and Great Prank Ideas. Whether you are looking for an April Fool Joke or you just want to prank your coworker - here you will find the secrets of Master Pranksters from all over the world. Choose Wisely and don't get fired. There is more than 100 ways to get revenge and some practical information on how to execute a successful April Fools Prank or Practical Joke at the Office.

Good Luck with your practical joke. Have fun!

The Great April Fools Prank and Practical Joke List

Good Eats in the Garbage Trick - Office Pranks

Hide a bunch of potatoes chips or any other kind of food in a bag in the garbage and then root around and eat in it.

Food Stealers - Sandwich Spit - Office Prank

It always seems like there is somebody who will steal if they can get away with it. But why lose sleep about the thief when you can get sweet revenge. Make a lunch, take some pictures of you spitting on the food or rubbing the food on a dog’s bum. Put the lunch in the fridge and after they steal it - Leave photos on counter in plain sight for everyone to see. Or put the pictures on Facebook with your lunch room revenge story

Food Stealers Two - Cat Food Sandwiches - Office Pranks

Same thing as above but make cat food sandwiches with sliced celery and apples. Ensure to take pictures of the preparation. Then put those tasty morsels in the fridge.

Food Stealers Three - Burn their Bellies - Office Pranks

This one doesn't need pictures and is the least amount of work to prepare. Try too much hot sauce or any other revolting ingredient for your food stealer.

The Loud Speaker Prank - Office Pranks

Turn the volume on the speakers really loud on their computer.

Change Your Clothes Prank - Office Pranks

Tell everyone but your target to bring a couple of changes of clothes to work. Then walk by your target with a different set of clothes on every time.

Move their Stuff - Office Pranks

If you have a coworker that is extremely picky about the placement of their work materials, adjust them ever so slightly every day. It may be work tools, pens, supplies, computer monitor anything else in their work area.

Leave a Creature in the Filing Cabinet - Office Prank

Put any kind of live creature in the filing cabinet. Anything bigger than a dog may be a bit extreme for the occasion. Though secretly I have always wanted to place a goat in somebody's office.

Start Crazy Rumors - Office Pranks

Ask the target some ridiculous rumor, "Like is it true you are getting fired?" Other questions could be that they are dating somebody, working for the competition, moonlighting, closet knitter or any other ridiculous rumor. Really there is no limit to the possibilities. Just make sure that you get as many people involved with this one. After they are asked about it enough times they will certainly lose their mind.

The Hostage Situation Pranks - Office Pranks

Take anything you like from the target and make a ransom note for them to get it back. Works especially well if it is something is annoying or ugly and the target knows it.

Change Their Lunch- Office Prank

Unattended lunches are excellent for pranking. Switch the food or the drink. Change the sandwich meat in someone's lunch. Try adding a candy bar or a soda (Hey pranking doesn't always have to be evil).

The Fake Award Practical Joke - Office Pranks

If anybody wins an award send out a fake memo that the award has been discontinued.

Change the Labels - Office Pranks

Change the labels to have pornography titles, or something that will just seem odd to whomever is reading it

I Said No Smoking - Office Pranks

If you work in a building that doesn't allow smoking put an ashtray with a few butts in it on the targets desk after work one day or before coworkers get there in the morning. (Doesn't work unless the janitorial staff is in on it).

Twack the Target - Office Pranks

Shoot rubber bands or use a pea shooter to hit people in the back and then look away quickly.

Weird Hobbies - Office Pranks

Put some yarn and knitting needles in the targets desk. Ask the boss to call them into the office and explain the no knitting at work policy. Could be baseball cards - barbie collection or whatever.

Fake Strike in the Workplace - Office Pranks

One of our own Fun Researchers had this trick played on him. He came to work and everybody had a picket sign and was officially on strike. He was told that they had walked out and they were on strike. He bought it hook, line and sinker.

Do I Hear Music? - Office Practical Jokes

Put a small radio in a ceiling panel close to the target’s desk. Just have it on loud enough so only they can hear it. When asked deny you hear anything.

The Old Tape the Phone Trick - Office Pranks

Tape down the phone button on the phone so when the phone starts ringing and they pick it up it will keep ringing.

Talking Office Machine- Office Pranks

Anytime there is a new piece of equipment coming into the workplace this is a great prank. Especially with all the technology today - almost anything is possible. Use a baby monitor or a Mr. Microphone to make any office appliance talk. Make sure you pass out an email or memo around the office about the new equipment. Put instructions on the equipment to speak very loudly into the on button so that it can learn to recognize your voice. If machine does not respond try speaking a little louder.

Give Yourself Recognition - Office Pranks

Page yourself over the office intercom and tell yourself to take the day off or compliment yourself on a project, do not disguise your voice.

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