Pranks and Practical Jokes for Friends

Welcome to the Prank Your Friends section of April Fools Pranks and Great Prank Ideas. We all know that you want the best April Fools prank ever. We have spent hundreds of hours making this list and there will be a great prank idea for you and and your target. There is a great list of more than 100 ways to get revenge and some practical information on how to execute a successful April Fools Prank or Practical Joke.

Have fun!

The Great April Fools Prank and Practical Joke List

Prank Your Friends - You Smell Like Chicken

Put a chicken bouillon cube in the shower head. It is usually subtle enough that target doesn't notice but everybody else does. For excitement try beef or vegetable. You can also use any kind of hard candy.

Prank your Friends - Shut the Power off Trick

Just shut the power switch off to coincide with any event that may not seem connected like New Year’s, or midnight or the start of a really big sporting event. Fifteen seconds will usually do the trick.

Prank your Friends - Its "Snot" a Practical Joke

Take a little sauerkraut and stuff the end of it up your nose so it hangs down over your mouth. Put your hands over your nose and mouth and fake a sneeze in front of someone. Then pull your hands down and if you can stand it, start eating the sauerkraut. You can also use a raw oyster in your hand with a fake sneeze.

Prank Your Friends - Wet Your Whistle With Fire

Take a straw and dip it into some tobasco. Put your finger over the top of the straw. Then put straw into a drink. When target takes a drink it will be pure tobasco. If anyone else tries it it will be just the beverage.

Prank Your Friends - Make Their Stuff Multiply Trick

First you will have to buy some old silverware from a couple of garage sales. Every time you go to your target's house, put a couple forks, spoons, whatever in the silverware drawer. Pretty soon they will empty it out and begin to think they are nuts.

Prank Your Friends - Moving the Objects Trick

Every day take a small object from one room and place it another room. Repeat until room is empty. Then slowly move everything back to the way it was.

Prank Your Friends - Lime Juice Hurts Trick

If you are in the room when someone cuts their finger, tell them that lime juice is the best thing to stop the bleeding.

Prank Your Friends - You've got Funny Underwear Trick

Take a really large pair of underwear (old lady or man style) and write the victim's name in them and leave them in the bathroom floor for every one to find.

Prank Your Friends - Change the Speed Dial Prank

Change all the speed dials. Here are some ideas, change all the friends and family around. When they push the button there will be this uncomfortable pause of mental confusion. Or if you want to step it up a bit program a phone sex line or their own cell phone. If they change all the numbers back. Change them again.

If they are screwing around on two people change their address book on their phone so when Lover a phones it looks like lover b's phone number...

Prank Your Friends - Carrot Seed Practical Joke

This Prank is more about pranking your friend that annoyed you. This practical joke starts like this. Buy some carrot seeds. When the coast is clear spell a message on your target’s lawn. Something not too mean-just funny. It takes time for the seeds to germinate but once they they have a differnt shade and leaf size than regular grass, they will really stand out.Weed killer only works on broad leaves and carrots are narrow leaf. the good news is that when they finally mature the target will have a tasty snack.

Prank Your Friends - Loud TV Prank

Many new TVs have an option on them that lets you set a time for them to turn on. Simply go to the menu and set it for about 2:37 AM. Before you go to bed turn the volume up to max and shut off.

Prank Your Friends - The Old Foggy Glasses Prank

If you put a layer of Saran Wrap on a pair of glasses that have been left around it makes for some very foggy reading. Reading glasses, sun glasses or just regular glasses will work.

Prank Your Friends - Alarm Clocks from Hell Prank

Get lots of cheap alarm clocks (from garage sales or second hand stores). Set them to go off at 3:00am and every 20 minutes thereafter. Hide them well.

Prank Your Friends - The ITs So Heavy Practical Joke

Grab an empty cardboard box and tape it up. In big felt pen write on the outside, Extremely Heavy - Do not lift. Then carry the box like it weighs 150 lbs. Ask someone to help you right away. Then in a loud voice ask them, "You got it? You got it?" Once they get their hands underneath the box let it go. Watch them overcompensate.

Prank Your Friends - The TV is on Crack Prank

Spend the money to get a second matching remote. Change channels while they are watching. The secret to this prank is to not overuse it. If you use it in small doses you can carry this one on for months not just on April Fools’ day. Remember, as soon as the second remote is discovered your prank is over.

Prank Your Friends - Where's my Door Prank?

Steal a person's door. Leave a trail of hostage notes (clues) as to where to find it. Have them running all over the place trying to find it and have them end up somewhere near where they started (like in the next room or under the bed).

Prank Your Friends - Anal Retentive Button Pushing Prank

When people are obsessive about order, move things around to make them lose their minds. Slight movement of the furniture, pictures on the wall or any other movable object will also be very irritating to subject. For better results do small subtle movements and do it everyday.

Prank Your Friends - Change the Clocks Prank

It's usually not a good idea to make people late but it is totally fine to make them early or at least wake them up early. This trick works best when you change every clock, including the car and their watch. If they confront you tell them there was a power surge.

Prank Your Friends - The TV is Broken

Put one of those icicles that you use to decorate the Christmas Tree on the TV screen. It looks like there is a big crack on the screen.

Prank Your Friends - Free Bath Trick

Place a rubber band on the spray nozzle at a sink so that the first person to turn on the water gets sprayed. Sure this is an old April Fools Trick - but if it works it works.

Prank Your Friends - Saran Wrap on the Toilet Bowl

Also a trick that was invented a long time ago, shortly after Saran wrap first appeared in the world. For men it can make a nasty little mess and women it can be a shocking little bum touch.

Prank Your Friends - The Waterbed Trick

Sure they may only be a hundred people on the planet that actually have a water bed. Here is the practical joke... pour a glass or two of water on the floor beside the bed. After they drain and fix the hole (Ha ha) pour some more water on the floor. You can use this technique by a pool or any other water containment device.

Prank Your Friends - The Non Sudsy Soap Trick

Paint a soap bar, or all the soap bars in your house with colorless nail polish (reserving one for yourself). No matter how much they try to use the soap it will not give off any suds.

Prank Your Friends - Talking Trash While Sleeping

If you are trying to sleep somewhere pretend to talk about whoever is within earshot. Or you could make up some crazy sex stories or fights and talk them out in your "sleep" Try not to be to coherent when sleep talking - they may not buy it.

Prank Your Friends - The Water is Being Shut Off Trick

You will need a couple of co-conspirators for this one. Call a couple of your friends and tell them to phone the target to tell the target that the city has to shut off the water for a couple of days. Tell them to fill their tubs, pots, pans, cups or water jugs with as much water as they can. ( have water running on the background when they call target)

Tell them they just announced it and will be shutting off the water in the next few minutes. Get them panicked enough that they can't go online to confirm. Much easier to pull this off during a power failure because they have no way of verifying it.

Prank Your Friends - Where is my Stuff Practical joke?

Hide your underwear or socks in your roommate’s closet or room then accuse them of stealing. When you find it - tell them that you understand and that your mother was a kleptomaniac...

Prank Your Friends - Tattoo Your Body Trick

Do you have a conservative family? Cover your body with temporary tattoos just before you go to visit them.

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