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Welcome to the Pranks For Home section of April Fools Pranks and Great Prank Ideas. Whether you are looking for an April Fool Joke or you just want to prank your friend - here you will find the secrets of Master Pranksters from all over the world. There is a great list of more than 100 ways to get revenge and some practical information on how to execute a successful April Fools Prank or Practical Joke.

We have had many a laugh building this list. Have fun!

The Great April Fools Prank and Practical Joke List

Let's face it - when it comes to family members they are in a prime position to have an April Fools joke played on them. Just remember that you have to live with these people and that they may get you back times ten. It's all part of the game. If you prank,be prepared to get pranked yourself.

Home Pranks - Worms in the Lunch

Take some gummy worms and hide some in somebody’s lunch.

Home Pranks - Sneeze Spray

Pour water in your hand, make a sneezing noise then throw water on back of a person’s neck. Best not to use this one on strangers, you may get punched.

Home Pranks - Fake Fly Prank

You can buy fake flies or bugs at the joke shop. Put a couple in the salad. Put some on a sandwich - great for when there is a lot of people eating at your house.. its just increases the chances of someone else getting blamed.

Home Pranks - Don’t Eat my Spicy Cookies

Are you tired of people eating special food that you prepare without even asking? Make some cookies with bastard hot chilies. Put the cookies out but put a sign up that says “Do Not Eat - Very Hot”.

Home Pranks - Change the labels on the Cans

This one takes a little time and patience. But if you do it right - you can certainly have a few laughs. Carefully slice off the labels with a sharp knife off two cans that are the same size. Then mix all the labels up and glue them back on to the cans. Replace the cans on the shelf.

Home Pranks - The Endless Groceries

This is an ongoing prank that can last for months and months. Next time you are at the supermarket buy the same kind of food that your target eat-lots of it. Every time they use that food quickly replace the item when they are not looking. After a week they will begin to be confused by their endless food supply. Then do the opposite and take out a bunch of that cereal or whatever each day. This works with any kind of consumable product... beer, shampoo, dishsoap - whatever. If you are really ambitious - try a whole bunch of different products at the same time

Home Pranks - Short Sheet a Bed Trick

I have done this one so many times. Just tuck in the bed sheets about a foot shorter than normal. Make sure you do it good and snug. The tighter you can make those sheets - the more likely your target will give up. This works especially well if your target is tired or drunk.

Home Pranks - Egg Boil Trick

Sneakily get the eggs from the refrigerator and hard-boil them all. Then put them back where you found them.

Home Pranks - Snakes in the Cookie

You know those spring snakes that pop out of can. Their effect is magnified when people are sneaking around grabbing food they shouldn’t be touching. Works well in a lunch box. You can add a big spoonful of flour before you close the lid.

Home Pranks - Chocolate Pudding in your Pants

This one is a little gross but still funny. Put some chocolate pudding in a plastic bag. Stick that bag in your pants. Complain that your bum is itchy, stick your hand in the pudding bag, pull it out and look disgusted and embarrassed then lick it off your hands.

Home Pranks - Chocolate Bar in the Pool

Drop a candy bar in the pool. Make sure other people see it floating. Be the hero and get the bar out of the pool. Then grab it and take a big bite.

Home Pranks - I am Growing or Shrinking Prank

This one will cost you a little money and a little legwork - but when it works - oh my goodness it's a good one. If you can get the exact same clothes as they are wearing and get them a size smaller or bigger, well you can figure out the rest.

Home Pranks - Why is My Stuff in Here?

Every day take a small object from one room and place it in a different room. Repeat until room is empty.

Home Pranks - Change the Present

If you have a relative that is getting on in years this is what you do. Intercept the present from the older one to the target and carefully unwrap the present. Put the present aside and wrap up something really obscure like empty soda cans or an old phone book. Put the to/from tag back on the package and place back under tree.

Home Pranks - Change the Present Prank #2

If you get a present - carefully unwrap it and put in another present. Then carefully wrap up the new present the way it was. Put the tag and ribbon back and place under the tree. Make sure you open the "New" present in front of the giver. When you pull it out act like you are faking happiness with your new present. This will confuse the givers immensely.

Home Pranks - Over Wrapping Trick

Just keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping. Use old pieces of wrapping paper so that you don't turn into an environmental abuser.

Home Pranks - The Walnut Prank

This one is also a little bit of work but the results can be really hilarious. Take a walnut and crack along the central seam. Then put in different stuffing for the walnuts. Then superglue the two halves back together with one of the follwing in the middle:
*Almonds - This will confuse the subject

Put one with a note that says “I am a walnut picker in the jungle and I am being held against my will. Please save me”

Fill the shell with corn starch. When the victim cracks the nut, it explodes in a white cloud.

Put a small toy inside a shell.

You may want to make a couple extra and drop them into the bulk bin at the local supermarket.

Home Pranks - Combine the Lousy Chocolates

You know when you get a box of chocolates it always seems like you eat all the good ones first and there is always the weird ones left over. When you have a couple of boxes full of lousy candies - combine them to make a new present. Then watch them use the index to try and find the good chocolates.

Home Pranks - Double Surprise Party

If you want to plan a surprise party make up a date for a regular birthday party the week after you want to do the surprise. Then you can get a list of people that the target wants invited to the party excpet that it is now a surprise party - a week early. Works like a charm.

Home Pranks - Three Way Calling

Using three way calling see if you can hook up two people who don't know each other. A confused conversation should go something like this, "Who is this?", "Who is this?", "Why did you call me?", "Call you? You called me!"...

Are Animals our Friends?
Now nobody at Funresearcher.com endorses being cruel to animals but, if animals are our friends, and we play pranks on our friends, well, need we say more?

Pet Pranks - Tape on the Paws

If you take four pieces of scotch tape and put one piece on each of a cats paws. Do not wrap the tape around the paw - just put a
little piece on the pad of the paw. Do not use strong tape like duct tape or any kind of packing tape - just use plain old low grade tape. You will see your cat dance like they have never danced before.

Pet Pranks - Static Balloons Trick

Get a balloon, charge it up with static electricity and stick on your kitty.

Pet Pranks - Psychology Trick

Tell your pet they were adopted. Watch the shock on their little faces.

Pet Pranks - The Dishcloth around the Cat

Take one cat. Take one dishcloth. Gently tie the dishcloth around the middle of the cat - in between the front legs and the back legs. We don't know why but when you let the cat go within two or three steps the cat lays down on its side and looks at you like it is completely content and happy. Pick up the cat put it down on its feet and within a couple of steps the cat will lay down again. Repeat till bored.

Pet Pranks -Tape on the Head

Place a piece of sticky tape on the cat's forehead, then watch the cat back away from the sensation for as long as you can keep giggling.

Pet Pranks - Try to catch the Laser Pointer

Shine a laser or penlight flashlight on the floor within the cat's field of vision. Lead it around the house and up the walls. Stop when your cheeks ache.

Remember these cats are your friends. Unless they are evil friends make sure you don’t risk pulling off a good prank and lose a good friend at the same time. Most tricks don’t work on dogs...because they are obviously smarter than cats.

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