Camping Pranks and Practical Jokes

Welcome to the Camping Pranks section of April Fools Pranks and Great Prank Ideas. Whether you are looking for an April Fool Joke or you just want to prank your friend at summer camp - here you will find the secrets of Master Pranksters from all over the world. There is a great list of more than 100 ways to get revenge and some practical information on how to execute a successful April Fools Prank or Practical Joke.

We have had many a laugh building this list. Have fun!

The Great April Fools Prank and Practical Joke List

Camping always creates lots of time to think and play pranks with your fellow campers. Our favorite by far is the Heavy Pack Prank.

Camping Pranks - The Noisy Neighbors Payback

If you have been kept up all night by a bunch of yahoos, try this. Either spread some bread crumbs or bird seed all over their campsite. Works especially well if they are sleeping under the stars. If you are really upset you may want to use honey as well. (This is not recommended in bear country).

Camping Pranks - Feed your Friend to the Rodents

If you and one of your friends are in rodent country, try this: Put the bread crumbs underneath their sleeping bag and eventually through the night they will have many visitors crawling all over them.

Camping Pranks - My Zipper is Busted Practical Joke

Use a paperclip or some other device to jam the zipper on their tent. Eventually they will have to ask to be released.

Camping Pranks - Is there an Animal Out There?

This trick works especially well when you make up a story about meeting the Warden. The Warden told you about some kind of strange animal in the area. You downplay it and say that he was probably just trying to scare us. Go back to bed like nothing

Then start the fun just as people are trying to get to sleep. Say you think you heard something and you are going to check it out. If there is a bunch of fraidy cats tell them to stay in their tents. Run around with a flashlight looking for the strange

Once you get far away from the tent make it sound like there is a struggle. Run frantically past the tent a few times. If anybody asks what is going on-tell them to shut up and go back in the tent. Continue until desired result is acheived.

Camping Pranks - Did You Ever Wonder Why?

When somebody is trying to fall asleep start asking them the "Did you ever wonder why...?" kind of questions. Like - do you think is life on other planets or is there really a God?

Camping Pranks - Nasty Sleep Prank

Put a coat hanger or two in between the sheet and the mattress on target's bed

Camping Pranks - Freaky Stick or Symbols

Leave freaky stick men in the bush like Blair Witch Project around the campsite after everybody has gone to bed.

Camping Pranks - Heavy Pack for No Reason

I was best man at my friend’s wedding. The day after the wedding they were flying out for their honeymoon, a backpacking trip through Mexico. Well I was in charge of the luggage so when I had a spare moment I put a few heavy rocks in the bottom of their backpack. It was two days before they figured it out.

Camping Pranks - Carry my Stuff

When hiking with the target try to put something into their backpack that needs to come in and out of the pack(like a map) Everytime you stop to take it out and look unload some of your weight into their pack without your target noticing. You can load up a considerable amount of weight by the end of the trip.

Camping Pranks - Black Eye Prank

Put a little charcoal on the eye pieces of the binoculars, ski
goggles or sunglasses.

Camping Pranks - Eat the Moose Poo

Spread some milk duds on the ground and say you think they are moose droppings but there is only one way to be sure - then eat one.

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