Fun Things to Do Inside When Bored - Teens

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List for Teenagers. There is always some fun to be had if you have the right attitude. What is that attitude? To have fun no matter what happens. DISCLAIMER: All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended, ever. These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Activities for Teenagers

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Inside Fun Activities

NOTICE: Laws differ from area to area.You may need parental approval to do some of these activites. Check first.

Dance to Your Favorite Music

Shoot Some Hoops at a Gymnasium or down at the park

Play Some Billiards - eight ball, snooker become a pool shark

Go Bowling at the nearest glow in the dark bowling center

Play some cards with your friends - Crib, Bridge, Crazy Eights, Hearts or Poker

Go to an Indoor Climbing Gym and get roped up and scramble up the walls

Make up some new Hip Hop dance moves

Have a Scavenger Hunt at the park

Play Fly on the Wall - Have a contest with your friends to see if you can tape someone to a wall just using duct tape.

Play Foosball at the arcade

When Someone Falls Asleep - Stack some strange items on them and take some pictures.

Get Something Pierced (If you need permission - make sure you get it).

Go to a comedy movie

Practice your gymnastics skills

Have a Scary Movie Marathon

Play Twister see who can be the twistiest

Go to a Rock Concert or Music Festival

Listen to Some Rock Music from a Totally Foreign Country

Have a Lip Sync Contest and make a music video while you are at it

Play Name That Tune
Use your Ipod and plug into some speakers. Who can name the tune and artist in the shortest amount of time

Go see a musical or a play at a theater

Have a Limbo Contest

Have a Paper Airplane Distance Contest

Paint your Fingernails and Toenails with Friends

Have a Talent Show for your friends or family

Learn to Play the Spoons

Play Footbag - also known as Hackeysack

More Fun Inside Activities for Teens

Go to a Pinball Arcade

Play Ping Pong at the community center or school

Chill out and relax in a hot tub

Go Roller Skating at a Roller Rink

Go to the Library and find an interesting book

Make a Care Package
Whether it is for a relative, friend, single mom or whatever there isn't enough care packages in the world.

Go to a Ice Skating Rink

Go Shopping at a Spy Store to check out all their cool gadgets

Check the local paper for special events. Find one that interests you and go to it.

Play Spin the Bottle - make sure you are willing to kiss the other players

Do impressions of your favorite actors, friends or family members... Its ok to mock them but don't make them look bad when you impersonate them.

Favorite Tunes
Make a list of your favorite songs then make a CD for a friend

Tricycle Races
Kids or adults can have fun this one. Make sure everybody wears a helmet.

Bouncy Balls
Buy as many superballs as you can and then throw them all at once in a safe space in your home.

Go to a Basketball Game

Play twenty questions

Read Some Comic Books

Get s crossword puzzle book

Attempt a jigsaw puzzles

Learn to Juggle
It's actually pretty easy, you just have to practice a bit

Sick Friend
Do you have a sick friend or relative? What could you make, do or give to the sick person to cheer them up? Use your humor to bring a smile to their face

Rubiks Cube

Fun Questions to get to Know Someone

Teen Activities - Fun With Food

Have a Chocolate Fondue

Make a giant sundae

Make homemade chocolates

No Silverware - Eat a meal with just your hands, chinese food is especially fun.

Go to Your Favorite Greasy Spoon Restaurant for Breakfast

Either have or go to a Chocolate Buffet

Make Some Caramel Apples

New Fruit - Try a fruit that you have never tried before.

Ginger Bread
Make a Ginger Bread House or Dangerous Looking Ginger Bread Men - Hey nobody said the gingerbread men have to be nice - they can be naughty too.

Make some more Smores

Pie Someone or have a pie buffet

Make an Apple Pie from scratch

Make a Root Beer Float or a milkshake

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