Summer Adventure Activities for Teens

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List for Teenagers. Are you the adventurous type? Some of these activities take bravery others take stupidity please remember....DISCLAIMER: All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended, ever. These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun things to do for Teenagers

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Fight Teenage Boredom with Adventure

NOTICE: Laws differ from area to area.You may need parental approval to do some of these activites. Make sure there are professionals to assist you. Check with your parents first.

Adventure Race
This is a tough but rewarding adventure. Some advance planning is necessary.there are adventure races for running, mountain biking, paddling and combinations of these activities.

Motorized Fun
All Terrain Vehicle Riding is a lot of fun. So is dirt biking or dune buggying

Go for a Helicopter Ride
Go heli-biking or heli-hiking. Helicopter time is expensive so you may need to save up some money for this one

Enter a 5k, 10k, marathon run or a triathlon

Go Bungee Jumping

Learn to ride a unicycle
Unicycles are cheap and chances are it will probably take up the whole summer just to get going on the thing

Go whitewater rafting or canoeing

Go caving and get dirty from head to toe

Go dirt biking

Fishing - Whether it is dep sea, stream or fly - fish on!

Go on a Sightseeing Plane Ride

Hot-air Balloon Ride with your "special" friend

Get a compass and a map and try some orienteering

Get Certified
Have you always wanted to go scuba diving? Why not get certified so that when you are ready to go to a far away place you can jump right in and party with the fishes.

You can either do a tandem jump with a professional or spend the time to learn how to do it by yourself.

Ride a roller coaster as many times in a row as you can

Go cliff jumping

Have a tree climbing contest

Go rock climbing or "bouldering" on a rock face

Have a game of paintball but watch out for the welts and bruises.

Go water-skiing or wake-boarding

Go Whale Watching

Wind Leaning
Whenever there is a good stiif wind it is really fun to lean into a really strong wind. Be careful.

Geocaching GPS
Check online. Using a GPS you can search for treasure boxes that are hidden all over the world. Lots of fun and a great way to discover nooks and crannies of where you live.

GPS Adventuring
Go adventure somewhere with your GPS and mark your trail on your GPS as you go. No matter where you go you will find your way back.

Go Zorbing

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