Fun Things to do at the Beach for Teens

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List for Teenagers. Its pretty hard not to have fun when you are at the beach but this idea list will give you some more things to do for fun. DISCLAIMER: All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended, ever. These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Things to do for Teenagers

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Fun Things to do for Teens at the Beach

We highly recommend using plenty of sunscreen at the beach. Yes being the least tanned person at the beach may be less than desirable but its way better than festering cancer on your skin ...just saying

Build a huge sandcastle

Flirt with others

Have a fire and a cook out

Bury your friends so that only their head sticks out of the sand.

Bring a floaty lawn chair and lounge in the water

Go to the Beach and Play in the Waves

Underwater Running
Have running races underwater. Carry heavy things so that you can stay on the bottom for the race. Remember let go of the heavy things after the race. Or you will be stuck on the bottom. That is bad.

Bring some music or if you know someone that likes to sing or play guitar - make sure you invite them out

If there are waves - try surfing bodysurfing or boogie boarding

Get a lawn chair and sit right at the edge of the waves

Try windsurfing

Make signs for bikini or dude judging. All of your friends should have number signs so that when someone walks by you can compliment with a high score. No need to judge the less than beautiful people and make them feel bad.

Pizza at the Beach
This is really a homerun in the fun department. You may have to make some special arrangements with the pizza
place but money will help the negotiations. If you pay for it in advance, pre tip the driver and tell them exactly where you are on the beach.

Camping on the Beach
Make sure you know where the tide line is and that you have permission to camp there

Summer Snowball Fight - If there is an indoor ice rink nearby you can get as much snow as you can handle. Usually somewhere by the back door there is a giant pile of snow. Take a cooler and fill it up. The hotter the day the more confused your targets will be when they figure out what just hit them.

Skip Stones off the beach

Set up some crab or lobster traps

Rent a kayak or jet ski

Go snorkeling and be one with the fish.

Write funny messages in the sand

Pick a body part and then try to find the best example of that body part on the beach

Look for animals or critters in the water or in the sand

Ask good looking people to put lotion on your back

Get some Food to go and go Beachside or Lakeside

Play volleyball or badminton

Play Hackeysack

Try to find somebody to take you out on a boat

Do a workout

Watch the sun disappear under the horizon

Play catch with a baseball, frisbee or football - Make sure you do the big diving catches for style points

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