Winter Fun Activities for Teens

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List for Teenagers. winter can either bring you down or totally charge you up. To fight boredom and depression, get out and enjoy the world. DISCLAIMER: All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended, ever. These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Activities for Teenagers

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Fun Things to do For Teens - Wintertime

NOTICE: Laws differ from area to area. You may need parental approval to do some of these activites.
Make sure there are professionals to assist you. Check with your parents first.

Winter can be a time of sheer delight. The frozen water crystals make for a giant canvas of play. All you need is a device or two that allows you to take advantage if the opportunity.

Get some adrenaline flowing through your blood with some downhill action

  • Bobsledding
  • Snow Blading
  • Snow-biking
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Tobogganing
  • Snow Tubing
  • Snowboarding

Spell a message on a snowy covered field with just your feet. Everybody professes their love in those things - why not say something funny and confusing instead. Like - Ice cream hates flowers

Go to an Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skate on a Lake - make sure the ice is thick because it will be a cold swim

Cross Country Ski - for something different try it by moonlight

Have a running race through the snow

Look for Northern Lights

Snowshoeing is a lot of fun now that the snowshoes are lightweight and small

Play some ice hockey

Relax in a hot tub. Then try roll in the snow and then get back in the hot tub.

Ice Climbing up a frozen waterfall

Ice Sailing on a frozen lake

Go Snowmobiling in the mountains

Barbecue in a Snowstorm
The bigger the snowstorm the better the BBQ.

Build Things for Fun
  • A backyard skating rink
  • An Igloo - build a big enough one and you and your friends can hang out there
  • Snow Animals or Statues
  • Snow Angels
  • Snow Fort
  • Snow Furniture - Build an outdoor snow living room.
  • Snow Painting - Paint the snow with non toxic water colors.
  • Build a Snowman, but make it special. Build it super big or super ugly. You decide.
  • Crazy Christmas decorations for your yard

Train your pet to pull you on a sled

If the weather sucks check our list of Fun Things
to do Inside when Bored

Go visit and surprise a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Warm Up - Go somewhere warm for a vacation like Hawaii

Have a Christmas Movie Marathon - watch all those cheesy movies back to back

Go on a Christmas Light Tour and see who has the best in your area

When your friend walks under a tree with lots of snow on it - shake the tree

Next time a big snowstorm comes through bang on some doors to see if you can make some cash shoveling snow

Snowball Fight
If you have the chance make an extra 1000 snowballs for your side.

Ice Fishing

Go to a fancy winter resort

Take the dog for a walk in some fresh snow

Big Night Out - Have an appetizer, entrée, dessert at 3 different restaurants.

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