Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List. These lists are organized into eight categories and then further divided after that. The purpose of this list is to inspire you to come up with your action plan to fight boredom and go have more fun. DISCLAIMER: All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended, ever. These are for entertainment purposes only.

Family Birthday Party Ideas

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This list of Party Themes and Activities is specifically for families and adult/kid activities. If you scroll down there is the activity list...have fun and remember to take lots of pictures.

Family Fun Party Themes for Birthday Parties

There are five parts to a successful theme party
1. You have guests
2. You decorate the place according to the theme
3.You have food that is related to the theme - and if you don't you change the names of the regular food to fancy names that relatte back to the them of the party.
4. You have games or activities that are related to the theme.
5. That people help with different aspects - its no fun if one person does all the work

Birthday Party Ideas

Fancy Schmancy Afternoon Tea Party
Well most kids probably are not interested in drinking tea but you can give them the fancy part of a tea party. Serve your food you have with fancy dishes and nice tablecloths. Make the guests of the birthday feel special. You can dress up like servants that “serve” the kids - you know pretend that you are a maid or butler.

Backyard Birthday Party
There is a ton of things you can do for a backyard party. have a back up plan just in case of inclement weather. Check out the activities below to help you come up with some games.

Princess Party
Little girls love princess parties and so do their friends.

Beach Party in The Backyard

Dress in shorts and flip flops – play beach music. Have as many kiddie pools that you can handle. Water fights, slip and slide, have beach balls and coconut tanning oil.

Costume Theme Birthday Party
Have a Costume Party - Harry Potter, Superheroes, WWF, Hello Kitty, celebrity look alike, cowpokes, pirates or whatever theme is the popular trend of the season. Some kids or some parents will forget the “theme” or were unable to make it happen. Just so that nobody feels left out make sure you have hats or props that will allow everyone to be involved.

Round the World Party
This one is a little more difficult with little kids but it can be a lot of fun. Cook up a buffet that has differnt dishes from different countries. Definitely an opportunity for you to get a map and some interesting facts or questions so they can learn and eat and have fun all at the same time.

Dress like your Favorite Animal Birthday Party
This one is pretty self explanatory. It is always full of laughs and is a little less heavy on the decorations

Kiddy Pools
Get as many kiddy pools as possible. Set up little signs for each pool like it is a fancy hotel with multiple pools for the guests. Add a slip and slide and some water balloons and you are set.

Pajama Birthday Party or Sleepover
You already know how this one works and it may be something that parents can take turns at to give each other some alone time.

Pizza Party
Add an activity like a trip to the zoo and have pizza when you are done.

Acitvities for Birthday Parties for Families

These activities are merely suggestions for keeping people entertained. Plese remember to consider safety first and having a good time as the very next priority.

Dance to Some Music

Olympics - Set up a series of events or obstacles courses. Only limited by your ability and imagination. Take it the extra step and arrange some medals for the awards ceremony.

Wheelbarrow Race

Bonfire and Roast Marshmallows

Scavenger Hunt

Make Banana Splits

Play Badminton

Swim in a Pool

Play Baseball

Make Root Beer Floats

Set up your own Mini Golf

Have a Limbo Contest

Play Musical Chairs on the grass

Have a Water Fight with the Garden Hose

Run Though the Sprinkler

No Silverware - Eat a meal with just your hands, spaghetti is especially fun.

Have a Paper Airplane Distance Contest

Have a Talent Show

Have a Play - Act out a play with costumes and make up

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Camp out in the Backyard

Have a Water Gun Fight

Go to a Waterslide

Play Hackeysack

Play Hide-and-Go-Seek

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