Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List. These lists are organized into eight categories and then further divided after that. The purpose of this list is to inspire you to come up with your action plan to fight boredom and go have more fun. DISCLAIMER: All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended, ever. These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun at Home - Family Activities Inside

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This list is specifically for families and adult/kid activities. There are plenty that cost next to nothing and some that cost a few bucks. To really maximize your fun - try to do multiple fun activities in a single setting. There are no rules if your activity is boring or not achieving your desires for fun move on and try a new activity. Try to pick activities that all your participants can enjoy.

Brain Games - Fun Things to do When Your Bored

Just a suggestion, but whenever you are having fun document your fun with pictures. Then when you are bored again you can get go back and relive warm fuzzy memories of fun times gone by.

Rainy Day Activities

Plan an Amazing Journey - If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why? What would you like to see when you get there?

Look through old Photo Albums and find the funniest picture.

Invite some other family or friends over for some fun.

Read Some Comic Books or Sunday Comics out loud

Have a Conversation - Use the "
Fun Questions" for Families list and learn something about each other

Tell Scary Stories to Each Other - with the lights out and with candles burning

Make some hot chocolate and do a Crossword Puzzle

Set up dominoes in big line so that you can knock them over

Play Memory Games to see who has the best and to practice your skills

Build a fort out of pillows and blankets

Take an IQ test and see how smart you are

Have a no technology week - no TV, no phones, computer, texting or email and see what happens

Play I Spy with my little eye

Start a Jigsaw Puzzle

Learn a Magic Trick or a card trick

Listen to Some Music that you Don't Normally Listen to

Have a Lip Sync Contest and dress up like the singer

Play Name That Tune

Dress-up with all the Clothes that You Have - see who can wear the most amount of clothing items

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Do some
arts and crafts

Play 20 Questions

Rent and watch a video that teaches something about the planet

Appreciation List - Write up a list of the people and things that you appreciate in your life .

Play Cards - Go Fish, Crib, Bridge, Crazy Eights, Hearts or Poker

Play Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary or any other board game by a toasty fire or a good heater and pretend its a fire

Read a Children’s Story to each other. Use different voices for each character in the story

Play a Practical Joke on a sibling. Go to our
pranks section for ideas.

Fitness for Kids Inside at Home
Dance to Some Music - Get everybody involved. Maybe you could learn a whole dance routine as a group.

Play Musical Chairs

Put on some comfortable clothes and do some stretching

Give Shoulder Massages to each other

Helium Balloons - let them float to see the ceiling and try to pop them.

Play Hop Scotch

Have a Pillow Fight - make sure it is a safe area for the battle

Hula - Hooping Contest - who can swing their hips?

Play Catch While Sitting on an Exercise Ball

Learn to Juggle

Move the Furniture back and Play Twister

Have a Limbo Contest

Put on some fun music and clean the house as fast as you can as a team

Have a Paper Airplane Distance Contest

Have Push up or Sit up contests

Give horseybackrides

Do a Headstand

Play Hide-and-Go-Seek

Try some yoga together

Fun with Food and Baking

Bake and Decorate an Outrageous Cake

Bake some treats for Your neighbors

Bake something you have never tried before

Make your Absolute Favorite Dish for Dinner Tonight

Make a Homemade Pizza

Make some treats to take to share at school

Make a surprise dinner for Mom or Dad

Have "Fancy Night" - cook a fancy meal and put on some fancy clothes

Cook something you Have Never Cooked Before

Cook with a Geographical Theme - Pick any country and cook some traditional dishes. Get books and pictures from that country and talk about what it might be like to live there.

Dinner with the Old People - get all the oldies together and ask them questions like, "Were you ever naughty?", and "What is the secret to life?"

Have a Fondue - with cheese or chocolate or both

Make breakfast in bed for whoever is still sleeping

Make a Banana Split

Make Pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse

Make Some Caramel Apples

Make a Ginger Bread House or Dangerous Looking Ginger Bread Men - Hey nobody said the gingerbread men have to be nice - they can be naughty too.

Get some graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate to make some

Carve Pumpkins with funny pumpkin designs. Try to think outside the pumpkin

Carpet Picnic - if the weather is bad make a picnic lunch and then set up a blanket and have a picnic on the floor

Make a Root Beer Float or any other lovely ice cream dish.

Make an Apple Pie - And not just any apple pie, make it from scratch and do a really really good job.

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