Fun Things to do with Food for Adults

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List for Adults. It seems like the older I get the more I love food. Check out these ideas for some food inspiration. From a legal standpoint we recommend nothing. At all.
These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun with Food for Adults

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Make a Care Package - Whether it is for a relative, a friend, a student away from home, a soldier, a single mom there isn't enough care packages in the world.

Go Wine Tasting - get a designated driver or just take cabs

Brunch - Serve it up in a big way and invite a bunch of neighbors over.

Decorate an Outrageous Cake

Bake Something for Your Neighbors

Have a
party based around food

Bake something new and challenging

Make a naughty looking desert like the one in the picture

Make your significant other their absolute favorite dish for dinner

Make a homemade pizza

Cook popcorn with the lid off - its messy but it sure is funny

Have a burger barbq with every kind of topping possible: chili, bacon, cheese, avocado, etc.

Cook Breakfast on an open fire

Cook with a Geographical Theme - Pick any country and cook some traditional dishes. Get books and pictures from that country and talk about what it might be like to live there.

Which is the best? Find the best pizza/soup etc in your city

Get all dressed up and then order in some food.

Be a restaurant critic - Get your "Foodie" friends together and go out once a month as restaurant critics.

Dine at a Truck Stop

Go search for a quirky out of the way café

Have dinner with some old people - get all the oldies together and ask them questions like, "Were you ever naughty?" or "What is the secret to life?"

Pie Someone with a banana cream pie

Have a cheese or chocolate fondue

Make a giant sundae or banana split

Have a meal without silverware - just using your hands try to eat a spaghetti dinner

Go to the most popular greasy spoon restaurant in your area

Either have or go to a Chocolate Buffet

Cook Something you Have Never Cooked Before

Make some caramel apples or other ridiculously sweet treat

Try cooking with some fruit or vegetables that you have never tried before.

Go for sunday brunch at the best hotel in town.

Mix up some exotic bar drinks

Make a pie from scratch using local fruit thats in season

Make a Ginger Bread House or Dangerous Looking Ginger Bread Men - Hey nobody said the gingerbread men have to be nice - they can be naughty too.

Make beer or wine. Once your done make cool labels on your printer for them.

Bar-b-q over an open fire then have smores for desert.

Meet a fun friend(s) for breakfast before work

Microwave Egg Races - Have each player write their name on an egg. Put all of the marked eggs into the microwave. First egg to explode wins. Warning: Extremely Messy and could harm your radiation device.

Progressive Dinner Party - Have an appetizer at one neighbors, dinner at another neighbor's and then a different house for dessert.

Make Breakfast in Bed for Your Lover

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