Fun Things to Do at the Beach for Adults

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Beach Activities List for Adults. Lots of people drown each year having fun - don't be one of them.
All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended at all...ever.

Summer Fun for Adults

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NOTICE: Laws differ from area to area. Depending on how overbearing your parents or your spouse is. You may need approval to do some of these activites. That is if you want to avoid sleeping on the couch or be left out of the will.

Fun Things to Do On the Beach

Build a huge sandcastle or a some other sculpture

Flirt with others jut for the fun of it

Have a fire and a have a clambake

Bury your that just their head sticks out of the sand.

Make signs for bikini or dude judging. All of your friends should have number signs so that when someone walks by you can compliment with a high score. No need to judge the less than beautiful people and make them feel bad.

Pizza at the Beach
This is really a homerun in the fun department. You may have to make some special arrangements with the pizza
place but money will help the negotiations. If you pay for it in advance, pre tip the driver and tell them exactly where you are on the beach.

Camping on the Beach
Make sure you know where the tide line is and that you have permission to camp there

Snowball Fight at the Beach - If you are lucky enough to have an indoor ice rink that is close by you, go get as much snow as you can can carry. Usually there is a giant pile of snow in the parking lot beside the ice arena. Take some coolers and fill them up. The hotter the day the more fun you will have.

If you know someone that likes to sing or play guitar - make sure you invite them to the beach with you.

If you need a low profile when drinking, hide your cooler in the sand... add a towel and sit on top. So when the authorities come there is no evidence to be seen.

Walk or run barefoot down the beach

Write silly or naughty messages in the sand

Ask good looking people to rub lotion on your body

Get some food to go for a picnic and go beachside.

Play volleyball or badminton

Do a workout on the beach

Watch the sun disappear under the horizon

Look for animals or critters in the water or in the sand

Pick a body part and then try to find the best example of that body part on the beach

Tie a rope between tow trees or posts and see if you can tightrope walk.

Fun Things to Do in the Water

Bring a floaty lawn chair and lounge in the water - don't drift off to sea though

Bodysurf in the Waves

Underwater Running
Swim to the bottom and pick up a heavy rock so that you can stay on the bottom for the race. Let go of the heavy things after the race. Or you will be stuck on the bottom and have ot be rescued . That is bad.

Get a lawn chair and sit right at the edge of the waves

Try surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing

Try stand up paddle boarding

Learn a New Dive

Rent a houseboat for a week

Go for a boat ride on a glass bottomed boat

Float down a slow river on a big tire tube

Canoe or row a boat on a lake

Go sailing

Rent a ski boat for waterskiing, wake-boarding, tubing or pulling the big banana

Fishing - Whether it is dep sea, stream or fly - fish on!

Learn to scuba or go snorkeling to count the fishes

Go to a nudey beach and let your bits out

Swim at the bottom of a waterfall

Go swim with the dolphins

Skip Stones off the beach and see what your record is

Set up some crab or lobster traps

Rent a kayak or jet ski

Put on some kind of floatation device and just float

Play catch with a baseball, frisbee or football - Make sure you do the big diving catches for style points

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