Fun Things to do When your Bored List for Kids

Welcome to the "Fun Things to Do When Your Bored" Activities List for Kids. We wrote up this list is to inspire you to come up with your action plan to fight boredom and go have more fun. DISCLAIMER: All these activities are dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted at all and are not recommended, ever. These are for entertainment purposes only.

Fun Things to do When Bored for Kids

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Summer Adventure Activities for Kids

Most of these activities involve should involve adult supervision or at least some kind of parental approval. Pick something off the list and go see if you can find an adult to take you.

Join scouts or brownies

Go to a Water-Slide!
Water-slides are a fantastic way to have fun and get a lot of exercise going up the stairs over and over again. You just can't go wrong with a day at the water-park.

Summer Snowball Fight
If there is an indoor ice rink nearby you can get as much snow as you can handle. Usually somewhere by the back door there is a giant pile of snow. Take a cooler and fill it up. The hotter the day the more confused your targets will be when they figure out what just hit them.

Mini Golf
See if there is a mini golf near your home, if not set up your own course in the backyard. It can take hours of fun and smiles to deal with this adventure.

Go to Summer Camp
Now if your parents can afford it there are dozens of kinds of summer camps. the hardest part is just choosing what kind of camp you want to go to. Here are
some ideas.

Go to a Corn Maze

Go Paddle Boating

Picnic Lunch
Make a picnic lunch and go to a great picnic spot. Take some toys like a football or a Frisbee for entertainment.

Watch the Sunrise or the Sunset

Go for a Hayride

Geocaching GPS
Check online. Using a GPS you can search for treasure boxes that are hidden all over the world. Lots of fun and a great way to discover nooks and crannies of where you live.

Go to the Fair

Football Game
Go to a Football Game and if you can't afford to go to a professional game go check out a local amateur sporting event

Go watch the fishees. If there are no aquariums - then have some fish and chips.

Try and find some nature but if you can't any hike will do.

Go to an Afternoon Baseball Game

Visit a working Farm

Go to a museum

Go on a trip to visit a relative

Volunteer for something with your parents

Go to a Skating Rink - Ice or Roller

Go Shopping at a Spy Store

Take a Tour
Is there a business you would like to learn about? Maybe a TV studio tour or any kind of big manufacturing company.

Go to the Closest Science Center

Go to the Zoo

Go to an Arcade

Go Bowling

Go to a petting zoo

Entertainment in the Streets
Find a place to watch some street performers.

Go to Your Nearest National Forest and explore

Go to Your Nearest National Park

Go on a Photo Safari out in Nature

Brain Fun
Go to the Library and check out new books, audio or video programs

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