"Grandma Knows the F Word - How Adults can Discover More Fun in Their Lives" is a book that I self published in 2002. I have had great success with it and I am now putting it up on Funresearcher.com for you to read totally for free!

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 - Definition of fun
Chapter 2 - Who has the most fun and Why?
Chapter 3 - using Excuses to avoid Fun
Chapter 4 - Mind Poo Negative Thoughts
Chapter 5 - Why Get Angry Get Fun Instead
Chapter 6 - Changing Fear Into Excitement
Chapter 7 - Turn Sadness into Gladness
Chapter 8 - Stop the Addiction to Guilt
Chapter 9 - When Tragedy Happens
Chapter 10 - Why Be Happy Tomorrow When YOu could be happy Today?